Returning devices with your personal data

  • It's important to consider your personal data when returning goods to Scorptec, as we value your privacy. Some devices are designed to store and collect your personal data, and we wish to empower all customers to take control of their digital footprint.

    We list some of the more commonly handled items returned to us below, and some of the considerations you should make before returning goods to us:

  • Laptops, desktops, portable & mini PCs, tablets

    • As part of a return, data integrity is never guaranteed, as part of the remedy we offer for these devices may be that a factory reset of the device may be required to return the device to full functionality.

    • We do not take stock of your personal data, and would not be able to account for missing files throughout the case. We always encourage all customers to follow a data protection plan, and be making incremental backups of important files you can't afford to lose.

    • As part of our returns process, it's expected that our technicians would need to access the device for testing, and repair validation purposes. We strongly recommend before returning the device to us, to back your files up, and:

      • perform a factory reset of the PC, returning it to us with a fresh installation

      • OR to create a new user profile on the device with administrator privileges

    • Devices that need to be tested, and are locked behind a password, would be factory reset

  • Hard drives, SSDs, internal and external data storage devices

    • Unless explicitly stated, Scorptec does not offer any data recovery services on data storage devices we sell as part of our warranty. Some devices we sell will explicitly mention this as a feature at the time of purchase. Generally this option is undertaken directly with the manufacturer, who's contact details could be found on the following page:

    • Scorptec denies responsibility for data lost on storage devices. Scorptec advises that it is an expectation that these devices can fail, often incidentally without warning, and believes that responsible users should care for their data integrity by performing regular backups of important data before the need to return a device. If you would like advice on the best ways to perform these backups, please reach out to our sales team for solutions.

    • Data stored on devices that are returned to Scorptec that result in a refund or replacement product would be handled in accordance with the device manufacturer's data handling policy. Our two main storage device providers have their data handling policy listed below. For further details, or for information on policies not listed below, please reach out to our aftersales team:

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