Packaging fragile products for return postage

Scorptec sells goods online nationwide, and we recognise that sometimes, it may not be convenient to return goods to one of our retail stores, as we may not (yet!) have a store local to you. Some of the products we sell are inherently fragile by nature, and do require some extra care if you chose to post them to us.

When we ship goods to you, our warehouse team will carefully ensure that we package them appropriately to the best of our ability. Some larger items such as monitors will generally ship in the packaging they were packed in from the factory, as that packaging has been specifically designed to safely carry that product. Where possible, we always recommend keeping that original packaging safe, as it can often be difficult to improvise alternative packaging. While original packaging is not an express requirement for warranty returns, we do advise that as the end user, you do have the responsibility to take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of products returned to us for warranty.

When improvised packaging is required, we recommend the following tips:


Measure your product's dimensions, and locate an appropriately sized sturdy cardboard box. We recommend giving the product at least an inch or two on all sides to fit sufficient packing material. A box that's too large can be just as bad as a box that's too small, as it can allow the product to move around freely inside the box. A larger box can be cut down or resized to an appropriate size.

Use an appropriate amount of packaging materials. We do not recommend the use of household items in place of packaging materials such as pillows, old clothing, or bedding. These items are not designed for packaging, and will not do a sufficient job of protecting your fragile products in the return process. Instead, we recommend using weight appropriate packaging like high density foam/ styrofoam, bubble wrap, and paper wrapping.

Wrap your product safely. Some parts of your product may be assembled from glass, such as computer case windows, or LCD screens. These components will be inherently fragile, and may require more packaging in areas. We generally recommend with LCD screens or glass panels to tape extra cardboard outside these components to protect them from impact or scratches. Also be mindful where you are placing accessories in the box. We recommend when packaging monitors, do not place accessories on top of the LCD screen.

Ensure the product doesn't move around inside the box. The packaging should be sufficient to hold the product in place in the box. If the product can still move around in the box, it's likely that it will be damaged in transit.


Ship fragile products in postage satchels or packaging that cannot support the product's weight. If the packaging is not sturdy or rigid, there is a high likelihood it is not sufficient to protect your product in it's return, and may result in your product being damaged.

Use a box that's too large or small. A box that's too small will not allow you to add packaging/ padding outside of your product. A box that's too large will mean your product will move freely inside the box, allowing it to get damaged. You should aim for one to two inches of free space between the product and the box, that you can pack densely with appropriate packaging materials.

⛔ Use household items to package your goods. Blankets, clothing or pillows are not designed to package fragile electronics and will not sufficiently protect your goods in transit. Instead, we recommend foam/ styrofoam, bubble wrap and packing paper.
Ship items loose in box. If the item is moving around freely inside the box, then no matter how sturdy the box is, the product is likely to be damaged inside it. You should use enough packaging material to ensure that the product is suspended inside the box from all angles.


There are a couple of great video guides we recommend watching for inspiration:

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