I need to return a product to Scorptec, it's not working

If any product you have purchased from Scorptec is having issues or not working as it should, we suggest first performing troubleshooting steps in an attempt to resolve the issue. If you are unable to resolve the problem or are certain the product is faulty without any additional troubleshooting you should lodge a warranty claim.

Lodging a Warranty Claim:
Firstly you will need to login to the Scorptec website using your account details, then on our homepage, there is a link to the warranty section at the bottom of the page under the Help heading. Once you have clicked the link, please take a moment to read the terms and conditions of the warranty as there is some important information outlined. You can view our full warranty terms and conditions at any time, here.

When it's time to proceed, you will find the 'Application for Warranty Return' button at the bottom of the page. If you are logged in, when you click this you will be prompted to begin the RA process.  Follow the prompts and enter the information requested.

Once you have completed your application, it should be immediately visible in your Active Returns list, where you can track it's ongoing progress. Our team will manually review each application to make sure the entered information you have provided reflects your sales invoice, and approve your request for warranty. There may be occasions where they reach out to clarify further information or provide troubleshooting prior to the return of your goods. You will receive an automated email with instructions on how to proceed.

Returning the Product:
If your order was initially shipped, we are happy to offer pre-paid return logistics at your request. This usually comes as a consignment note via email.

Once you receive the consignment note, please read and follow the included instructions. Please be careful to not have any other postage labels visible outside of the shipping box, as this could confuse our couriers. Also please note that the product will need to be packaged reasonably to protect the contents via courier.

If the order was originally picked up from our store, or is a non-faulty return, return logistics would not typically be offered.

The Next Step & expectations:
Scorptec will always aim for the quickest possible turnaround time for our warranty service to avoid disruption to our customers as much as possible. As we sell a wide range of products, the warranty process can vary between the nature of different products.

Whenever possible, we aim to issue a quick remedy. For many products a case number or communication trail showing that you have performed troubleshooting with the manufacturer's support line can make this process much quicker.

For products such as monitors, laptops, all in one systems, graphics cards and motherboards we may need to send the product to our authorized repair center for assessment. This does not necessarily mean they will be repaired every time, but being a point of retail, we rely on their technical advice for the most appropriate remedy.

Once the repair center has identified the problem with a product, they will then pass on advice on whether repair, replacement, or refund is the most appropriate option.

On average for all the products we sell, this process generally takes 2-4 weeks from the time we receive a product back, to the time it is back and ready to be picked up or shipped back out to you. Many products would take far less time than this, but we offer this as a general expectation prior to assessing any faulty product.

Tracking the Claim:
While the warranty is ongoing, the whole process can be tracked through the Active Returns list on your account. Simply login to your Scorptec account, and under the Account section find that option under the Warranty & Returns subheading. You can also check your previously completed returns under your Returns History.

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