Motherboard & CPU Socket Pins

Due to the extremely delicate nature of CPU pins on Motherboards and/or CPUs extreme care should be taken when installing and removing your CPU.

Manufacturer Quality Control:
All of the motherboards and CPUs that we sell, from all manufacturers, undergo extensive quality control before leaving the factory to ensure that the product ships with the CPU socket & pins correctly aligned and undamaged.

From the time that your product leaves the factory to the time that you receive it the CPU socket & pins can not be accessed or touched - this is to ensure that no motherboard or CPU can be received with damage from a brand new box.

CPU Installation:
We strongly advise that you follow the manufacturer's instructions for the correct installation of a CPU into a motherboard. For most current generation motherboards with CPU socket pins you do not need to remove the socket protector yourself as they are designed to simply pop off during the latching process after the CPU has been correctly seated. Please check the manual included with your CPU and motherboard for further information.

Our products are intended to be installed by professionals, and If you are unsure or not completely confident in installing your CPU into the motherboard, we do offer a $29.00 CPU installation service that is always available at any of our stores.

Returns & Inspection:
When returning a CPU or Motherboard to Scorptec, ensure that you carefully reinstall the included CPU Socket Protector (for motherboards with pins) and return the CPU to the protective plastic clam shell provided by the manufacturer when brand new.

When we receive a motherboard and/or CPU as a return our trained technicians will carefully inspect the product for damage - paying special attention to the CPU & socket pins. If we find any signs of damage we will notify you as quickly as possible, showing you the damage either in person or by providing photos highlighting the damage.

Due to the rigorous quality control enforced by the manufacturer, damage to a CPU or CPU socket on a motherboard is not covered by the warranty or guarantees that come with the product.

Servicing & Repair:
If your motherboard or CPU has damaged pins our Warranty & Returns Department are able to perform a physical assessment and may be able to help in having the product repaired. Please note that as this is a service offered outside of the products warranty and guarantees you may be charged a service fee.

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