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Congratulations on the purchase of your new Scorptec Ready to Run Gaming PC! Before you get started enjoying high fidelity games and multimedia, there are a few things we want you to know about your new PC, and some tips on how to best care for it.

This document will outline the need to know basics of getting your PC set up, as well as some basic troubleshooting steps in case you get into some trouble with the PC.

What's in the box?

Typically, we ship our Ready To Run PCs in the original case packaging. We find that this packaging, designed and fitted to the exact dimensions of your case is the safest way to ship our PCs nationally.

NOTE: While keeping the packaging is not a requirement of our warranty, we do HEAVILY encourage you to do so, as in case of warranty issues in the future, it can be difficult for you to find an appropriate box and packaging to ship your machine back.      

Alongside the computer, we also ship an accessories box. Please note that if you are receiving your machine via post, the two boxes will be shipped out on separate consignments, and your tracking information should show two items on the same tracking number. Both boxes contain vital parts, and we recommend waiting for both boxes to be in your care before you start using the PC. In some instances, one box may be delivered before the other. This is common, and we encourage you to double check your tracking to ensure both boxes are still coming to you.

As you may be aware, your Scorptec PC is assembled from carefully picked off-the-shelf components in a competitive configuration by our skilled PC builders. Some of these components come with accessories included, and due to the modular nature of our PCs they can be fitted in different configurations. The configuration we ship our Ready to Run PCs in is what we believe to be the best configuration to emphasize performance and value, and we recommend leaving it in this configuration if you're unsure.

Even though your PC is Ready To Run, we include all retail accessories as we understand that down the line you may wish to modify and reconfigure your PC. We heavily recommend holding onto these accessories for this purpose, and remember that any work carried out on the PC should be done by a trained technician.

Major Accessories
The exact contents of each accessory box will differ between the different models we offer, but there are a few major accessories that will be included with our PCs that we recommend you locate before powering on for the first time.
  • Power cable

    • The PCs we ship have an internal power supply. The cable that is generally provided is an IEC-C13 cable to an AU power-point cable, but some higher specification systems may have an IEC-C19 cable required, and may need a 15 amp wall plug with a larger ground point.
  • Microsoft Windows license

    • Please hold onto your physical Windows license key or store it in a safe place if it's not already attached to the machine. Scorptec does not keep a record of your Windows license, and we cannot replace it free of charge if it is misplaced.

    • Your Windows key should be 25 digits, and if you need to validate this with Microsoft, you will need to be connected to the internet.Our PCs ship with one of two types of Windows license. You'll either receive an OEI (Original Equipment Integrator) license which comes on a sticker that's pre-applied on the outside of the chassis, or a retail license that comes in a box with retail packaging.

    • Your Windows license should be pre-installed on your Ready to Run machine, and should not require pre-configuration to begin using right away.

  • WiFi antenna (depending on computer specification)

    • You will typically find this attached to the power cable in packaging
    • If your desktop is configured with WiFi functionality, you will need to install the included WiFi antenna.
    • These antennas are fragile and do not come pre-attached to your machine as they can become damaged in transit.
    • Most WiFi antennas will have one, two or three threaded connections that will need to be screwed on to the metallic connector on the back of your PC.  Once these are installed, your WiFi broadcast capabilities will improve dramatically
    • Not all desktop machines will have WiFi antennas pre-configured, and it's important to consult your invoice to confirm if WiFi is listed at the time of your purchase.
    • If your machine does not include WiFi, you can purchase an external USB WiFi adapter and add it to your system without previous technical knowledge. For our full range of WiFi adapters, please follow this link (https://www.scorptec.com.au/product/networking/adapters?page=1)
Things you'll need
  • A mouse
  • A keyboard
  • A monitor & compatible display cable


  • To provide your PC with power, at minimum we recommend a quality surge protector between the computer and your power outlet. Without a surge protector in place, your new computer will be at risk and susceptible to power spikes, risking permanent damage to the machine. We stock a range of quality surge protected power boards. To view our range, please follow this link (https://www.scorptec.com.au/product/power-&-chargers/power-boards-&-surge-protectors?page=1)
  • A high-end desktop PC is going to likely be one of the most demanding and delicate appliances that you would be plugging in to your home power. To ensure the highest stability, and best experience, we really do recommend even a low capacity UPS (uninterruptible power supply) to ensure the supply of power to the PC is smooth and stable. For our full range of UPS power supplies, please visit (https://www.scorptec.com.au/product/ups/ups?page=1
Getting Started
Locate the following accessories
  • Monitor or display
  • A compatible display cable
  • WiFi antenna (if included with your PC)
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Included power cable
  • Plug in WiFi antenna, Mouse & Keyboard
    • Prior to powering on your PC, please be sure to connect your Keyboard, mouse and WiFi antenna if applicable to your specific configuration. You will need peripherals to be able to setup the computer for the first time.
  • Plug in the monitor
    • If your computer comes with a graphics card installed, please ensure when connecting your monitor, that you are connecting it to the graphics card ports. these are typically the horizontal ports half way down the back of your desktop tower, as pictured below:
    • Hero2.png
    • Your Scorptec Ready to Run PC will have many different display outlets. To select the one that suits your usecase best, please visit What's the best port to plug in my display.
  • Plug in your power source
    • As mentioned above, the best practice is to use a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) but at minimum a quality surge protector is suggested
  • Press power button
    • At this stage please be prepared to set aside half an hour to setup and personalize your new PC. Please ensure you have a stable network connection, as there are likely Windows updates that will need to be performed. While updates are installing, this will take some resources from the computer, so it may appear momentarily slower. While these updates are being performed, we recommend to let the updates complete prior to launching any games.
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