Monitors & Displays FAQs

We receive a large number of varied queries surrounding the return policies and procedures for monitors and displays - the below section covers the most commonly asked questions.

Light Bleed:
Due to the large range of brands and products we carry we do not have a definitive light bleed return policy, however we are more than happy to inspect and test your monitor to check for an excessive amount of light bleeding.

Please keep in mind that computer monitors in general are not designed for use in a dark environment and should always be used in a sufficiently lit room to reduce eye strain. Subsequently, we're unable to offer support for light bleed that is only visible in a dark room.

Additionally, some display technologies that are optimized for colour reproduction can exhibit edge glow which is often mistaken for light bleed. This is a technical limitation of the technology and should be considered when purchasing a product with a specific display technology. Our sales team are more than happy to highlight the pros and cons of each monitor to you.

Dead Pixels:
As display technologies are continually evolving and improving many manufacturer's regularly update their dead pixel policies. As a result if you need specific information about the dead pixel policy of a monitor you have purchased or are looking to purchase we would strongly suggest checking with the manufacturer.

If you have a monitor with dead pixels at any point during its warranty life cycle, we recommend checking with the manufacturer's support line on what type of pixel issues we could offer coverage for.

Colour Tinting:
If the monitor or display you have purchased does not appear to be displaying colours correctly or certain areas of the display appear to be tinted, you can perform the following troubleshooting:

  1. Turn the display off and leave it off for several hours before trying again.
  2. Reset the display to factory defaults.
  3. Adjust the colour temperature settings on the monitor (if applicable).
  4. Contact the manufacturer's support team.

If you are unable to perform any of the above troubleshooting, or it does not resolve the issue you may need to have your product returned under warranty.

Overclocked Refresh Rates
Many high end gaming monitors come with inbuilt overclocking to higher than standard refresh rates. As these are often listed as maximum overclocked refresh rates there may not be a guarantee that your monitor will reach those refresh rates.

If you are having trouble reaching the overclocked refresh rate, or are encountering any issues at these refresh rates we would suggest contacting the manufacturer's support teams. They will often be able to provide advice and solutions to any problem you encounter.

Please note: If you are returning a product for any of the above, or similar reasons, we may request photos/video and/or explicit instructions, conditions, and locations of where the reported fault lies. This is to ensure that we can quickly and easily identify the issue you describe and provide the fastest resolution.

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