I am putting together a custom system, are these parts compatible?

The custom system builder on our website does not currently know how to check for compatibility. We are going to be upgrading it in the future to be much smarter and better at its job – but for now it is still not as smart as we’d hope. 

For some general compatibility guidelines, you can check out our article here. 

If you have already put together a list of parts in the custom system builder but are not sure about compatibility, our team are able to check this for you. The best way to request a compatibility check is to request a quote for the system.  

If you are not able to request a quote for the system, please save the system to your account, get in touch with our sales team, and let them know the system name. We will be able to bring up the system you have saved and check the compatibility for you. 

Please note that due to the complex nature of system compatibility, our assembly team will need to verify the build before it can be built.  

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