How can I make sure what I am buying is compatible?

Depending on your knowledge & experience, as well as the parts you are looking to buy – compatibility can sometimes be tricky. We have provided some general guidelines for the most common compatibility questions below. If you need assistance or would just like to get confirmation for parts you believe are compatible please get in touch with our sales team. 

Motherboards, CPU, & Memory

When looking at motherboards & CPUs – the first step is to make sure they are both the same ‘socket’ type. We provide this information in the product category information as well as in the product specifications. Please note that even though they may share the same socket, this does not always mean they are compatible.

To make sure that the motherboard, CPU, & memory you are looking at are compatible – you can check the motherboard manufacturer’s support page for the motherboard. Full lists of tested & known compatible CPUs and memory modules are provided so you can easily identify what parts are most suitable.

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