How do I submit a product review?

On a majority of Scorptec product pages, you'll find authentic Australian product reviews from technology enthusiasts such as yourself.  Inside the reviews, other Scorptec customers often leave tips and feedback about how to best use that particular product, and why they have selected it over others; or why it was or wasn't the right fit for them.


We do encourage you to share your opinion on products you've purchased with us.  Not only does your feedback help others, it also allows us improve your overall shopping experience.

The product reviews are sent out via special email invitations to your email account.  A portion of our customers would be invited to review the products and services provided.  Should your custom with us be selected, the email typically ought to appear between two to four weeks from the date of order completion.  We've invited BazaarVoice to host the reviews and be the independent third party to share the reviews with all of us.


Should you wish to immediately review us, you may try the other platforms and leave us your honest feedback here:

Remember verified buyers can only submit reviews on BazaarVoice and previously on Feefo.  Other review platforms do not have verified purchase history with us.  Reviews on BazaarVoice may take several days to appear following submission.

Scorptec appreciates feedback from our customers on all our products.  It is our policy to publish most submitted reviews including negative reviews, with some exceptions.  Here are some examples of when reviews may not be published:

  • The review contains personal information
  • The review contains incorrect product information
  • The review has a star rating that is inconsistent with the written review
  • The review contains profanity or other inappropriate content
  • The review is no longer accurate due to reformulation or changes to a product



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