How do I receive & redeem my game code, voucher, or cashback?

Many hardware manufacturers offer a range of game codes & redemption offers for purchases from Scorptec. This commonly includes AMD CPUs, Intel CPUs, AMD Graphics Cards, Samsung SSDs, Nvidia Graphics Cards and many more!

The redemption process in Australia is often different than the US and Europe - in general there are a few things you will need to make sure you have before installing the part(s) into your system/setup:

  1. The tax invoice for the product(s) you purchased.
  2. The full serial number of the product, as it appears on the device itself (especially important for Samsung products)
  3. A photo clearly showing the tax invoice and product with serial number in the same photo.

Some manufacturers provide Scorptec with redemption codes that we will automatically include with your invoice. If you dont have a copy of your tax invoice, please login to your online account and click on Order History and click on the Invoice number to view the Tax invoice which contain the serial numbers of your purchases and look for the serial number under the game code.

These should be clearly shown on your tax invoice and you will find your redemption code in the serial number field as shown below:


Other manufacturers do not provide Scorptec with redemption codes and you will need to fill out a form on the manufacturer's website to redeem your game/code. In these cases you will need to jump on the manufacturer's website with your product details & proof of purchase to redeem your code.


Whenever possible, Scorptec will make sure that the link to the redemption site is included in the product description in your order history and invoice - so if you are unsure where to redeem your code you can log into your account, go to your order history, and click on the redemption link.

Some redemptions may require you to first register your hardware with the brand (EVGA, MSi, Gigabyte, ASUS, Zotac etc.) who will then provide you with a code that you may need to then redeem via the manufacturer (Nvidia, AMD, Intel etc.) and/or via the manufacturer's software (ie. GeForce Experience).

As these redemption processes can be quite varied, we suggest clicking on the redemption link provided in your invoice or order history. This should provide a clear set of redemption instructions for the promotion.


Some of the game redemption portals:


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