I would like to return my product

We are generally happy for you to return a product you have purchased from us if you have changed your mind as long as it meets our standard return criteria:

  • The product has not been opened
  • The product is not a special order product (Product was not “order only” or "at supplier" status and is currently stocked by Scorptec)
  • The product is not in large quantity (greater than 3 units)
  • The product value is less than $1,000
  • The product is returned within 5 business days of purchase

As items that we accept for return need to be sold to our next customer, we cannot accept items that are not in saleable condition. It would not be fair to our customers for us to sell products with missing or damaged packaging or accessories.

Any sort of redemption or rebate should not be claimed if you are returning the item. If you have received an extra item from redemption or as a special offer it needs to be returned to Scorptec with a return of this nature.

Please note that all returns of this nature are at Scorptec's discretion and we reserve the right to refuse returns of this nature.

Returns Outside of the Standard Criteria:
We may decide to accept returns of this nature on products that fall outside of the aforementioned criteria, however it must first be inspected by the team at one of our stores.

We may still offer you a return with a 15% restocking fee applied to the value of the product. In the case of non-faulty returns, we also do not return the cost of shipping.

What Cannot be Returned:
There are limitations to our change of mind policy. We do not take back open products that may have been in contact with open parts of your body such as chairs, headphones, earphones, or eyeglasses due to health and safety concerns.

If you have any questions about returning your item(s), it is best to get in touch with our warranty & return teams who can provide you with the most accurate advice.

Why a Restocking Fee:
We try to represent our products as factually and accurately as possible. We want our customers to make an informed decision when making a purchase with us. If a product you have purchased is working as intended but it simply does not do something you want it to do that was not brought to our attention prior to the purchase it falls under a change of mind return.

We do have to charge a restocking fee if the product is working as intended and advised, but then is returned outside of our standard return criteria. This covers the costs involved in having the product resold as an ex-demo or opened unit.

Our sales team is always happy to assist you with making the right choice and buying the products that most suits your needs. However a return will fall under a change of mind if our sales team has not been consulted for compatibility or fitness for a specific purpose, or the compatibility and purpose is made clear on our product listing.

If you have any questions or would like to talk to our Warranty & Returns Team please get in touch.

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