Why has my order not been completed with the debit / credit card payment failed or declined?

We're not able to identify specifically why the card transaction has failed or has been declined as the payment process involves several parties including our payment gateway and your bank's.

The first step should be to double check that you have entered all details correctly e.g. name, number, expiration date

  1. Also ensure that you are not using an expired card
  2. And that there is sufficient balance with your credit card 
  3. Most credit card these days also employ an additional layer of security where it would ask for a separate 3D secure PIN.  Your bank may require you to enter an appropriate PIN for the following security features available with your card:
    • Mastercard Securecode
    • Verified by Visa
    • American Express Safekey
    This 3D secure PIN prevents unauthorized usage of your card on the internet, giving you more confidence about making secure purchases online.  If you have not register for this process, please follow the instructions from your bank.  It may involve some questions about your credit card account, or a SMS or phone app from your bank as directed by them. 
  4. If the above fails, please try an alternative card for payment
  5. if all else fails, please select another method of payment, such as paypal, or Bpay or direct deposit