Your Feedback to Us

Feefo is an independent feedback & review service that we use so our customers can provide genuine feedback on their experience with Scorptec. All feedback left is publicly visible without any of your personal information included.

After you have completed an order with Scorptec you may receive an email from Feefo inviting you to provide feedback on your experience and product(s) purchased. These will generally come through a week or two after your order has been completed.

You can opt out of Feefo emails at any time.

For additional information please see:
Feefo Privacy Policy
Feefo Terms & Conditions

You can leave public feedback on your experience with any of our stores via a Google Review. Google has a useful guide detailing the process of leaving and making changes to your review, as well as their review guidelines and privacy policy.

Direct Feedback:
If you would like to provide us with feedback directly you can use our Online Inquiry Form and set the Department to 'General Feedback' or send an email to: All feedback left via the inquiry form or sent via email is regularly checked and we will reply to your feedback when appropriate.


All feedback we receive is regularly checked by our senior customer service team who may also reply to the feedback (publicly and/or directly) in an attempt to provide or request additional insight or comments.