Limits to Ordering Graphics Cards

Due to declining supply in 2021, further ordering restrictions are being enforced.  Scorptec will only allow customers to order one of ANY graphics card currently listed with stock limitations.

Graphics cards that are limited for stock will have the following (or similar) comment “1 Graphics Card per household. Payment secures queue position.” visible on the product listing; this way you can easily identify the effected products.

If you have a quantity in your shopping cart that is higher than the listed limitation it will automatically be reduced to meet the maximum quantity limit once you proceed to checkout, this is to ensure that we evenly and fairly distribute these extremely limited stock items.If you have already ordered a graphics card that is limited by quantity, then any new order for any other limited graphics card will be declined.  This limitation applies to all graphics cards, regardless of manufacturer, series, or model.

We understand that such limitations will be the cause of some frustration for you, but due to the ongoing global shortage on these products we feel that these are necessary steps to provide the fairest possible outcome for all our customers under such circumstances.  As soon as supply returns to a more normal state then these restrictions will begin to ease.

Graphics cards that are showing as "In Stock" are immediately available, however due to sudden purchasing surges we may receive more orders than the currently available stock. If this occurs we may be able to retain your queue position for the next available stock, otherwise we may get in touch to offer an alternative model or to let you know that your order will be cancelled & refunded.

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