How do I track my order?

Once your order is completed you should receive an email with your tracking details, you can also find the tracking information from your order history in your account on our website.

The tracking number is invalid.

If the delivery tracking number is invalid, please check the courier website later in the day.

It may take a few hours for the courier company to begin to upload the recently provided tracking number to their website.  We have recently begun to notice that a few tracking numbers are delayed as much as 48 hours from the time of our dispatch.

My tracking is showing ‘Shipping information received by Australia Post’

This means that AusPost have not scanned your order yet – if your order status on our website shows ‘Completed’ then your order has been collected by AusPost. We send you the email with your invoice & tracking information, and mark your order as completed when your order is collected.

Unfortunately, AusPost are not always as quick to update the tracking as we are in updating your order – so the tracking may take a day or so to update.

When will my order get delivered?
Both AusPost & Star Track will generally provide an estimated time for delivery after the tracking details have updated in their system. We find that these delivery times are accurate for almost all our orders.
The tracking hasn’t updated for a while.

If the delivery timeframe hasn’t passed there should be no need to worry! For some more distant or remote areas it is not uncommon for the tracking details to not show any updates until it arrives at the local sort facility or delivery depot.

If it is passed the delivery timeframe, we generally see most of these delivered within a couple days of the timeframe. That said, you can still get in touch with AusPost or Star Track to follow up with your delivery.

Our team are also standing by 6 days a week to help with any concerns and provide follow up if required.

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