Do I have to update my BIOS when buying a new AMD CPU?

Ryzen Zen3 (5000 Series CPUs)

B550 & X570 Motherboards

At the time of the Zen3 launch, all B550 and X570 AMD motherboards should have a BIOS update available that will support the new AMD CPUs. For information specific to your motherboard, please check your motherboard's product page on the manufacturer's website. BIOS updates and information are generally found in 'Support' or 'Downloads' tabs on the manufacturer's website.

At this stage, no new motherboards in Australia are believed to have a compatible BIOS and will require a BIOS update prior to installing the new AMD CPUs.


B450 & X470 Motherboards

B450 and X470 motherboards are expected to have BIOS updates coming in the next few months. Some motherboards have beta BIOS versions available. Scorptec does not recommend using a beta version of a BIOS unless you are an experienced user.

We expect most motherboards to have a released Zen3 BIOS update early in 2021.


Ryzen Zen2 (3000 Series CPUs)

If you already have a 1st or 2nd Gen AMD motherboard (X370, X470, B450, B350, A320) and are looking to purchase a Zen2 CPU - you will likely need to update the BIOS before installing your new CPU. 

If your system is already running, this is a relatively straightforward process - you can find the instructions & files on the manufacturer's website for your model motherboard. 

If you are buying a brand new motherboard and Zen2 CPU - there should be no need for a BIOS update. All new motherboard stock that we sell, earlier generation motherboards, will already have a compatible BIOS from the factory. 

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