Troubleshooting Your Problem

Troubleshooting & Technical Assistance:
Many problems can be resolved by performing some troubleshooting with a technician. Due to the wide range of parts and products Scorptec carries we are able to provide general advice and troubleshooting, however may be limited in our ability to provide specific and in-depth troubleshooting advice.

We recommend contacting your manufacturer directly for troubleshooting assistance as they are more familiar with the intricacies and operation of all their products. Additionally, they have access to a large range of technologies and solutions that are designed specifically for their products.

The Product Needs to be Returned:
If the manufacturer is unable to resolve the problem and suspect the product is faulty (or otherwise needs to be returned), they may be able to organise for you to return it directly to the them. Often processing a claim directly with the manufacturer offers a faster and easier turnaround - some manufacturers will even send a courier to pick up and drop off a new item.

Otherwise, they will direct you to return it to Scorptec and may be able to provide a case number that will allow us to confirm all of the troubleshooting you have already performed. Then you can drop it back in store, or lodge a warranty claim on our website and receive instructions on how to return the product to us.

Either way, we encourage you to get in touch with us to let us know, we can then update our records in an effort to provide additional assistance if required. If you have a faulty product, we want to know about it!


If you have any questions or would like to talk to our Technical Support Team please get in touch.

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