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Thomas Teika November 30, 2012 Support / Tips & Tricks

Many of us have experienced the new Metro start menu found in Windows 8 and have found that as pretty as it can be, we might not all be used to it just yet. Thankfully, there's a few applications out there for us who want the start menu back, after looking through and testing a few of these software titles, I've found two of which that really stand out, these titles cost a small price but could make your life a lot easier. 


Stardock Start8

1.pngStart8 provides a very simple method of returning the original Start Menu to Windows 8 and allows you to customize your experience. This is recommended for home users who looking for quick and easy setup.

More info here >>


Thinix RetroUI

screen_startbutton.jpgRetroUI offers more features for the business user and more support option pricing. RetroUI also provides a custom touch interface for those using a tablet or touch enabled PC.

More into here >>

Please note that these are third party titles which Scorptec cannot support  for. If you need assistance with these titles, please refer to the software vendor.

Thomas Teika November 08, 2012 Support / Solutions

Some of our customers have experienced a problem running updates on their new system just bought from Scorptec, the problem is related to our in house update methods which require a minor modification to the registry which we reset back to default once the updates are complete, the registry modification allows us to update from our own Windows deployment server rather than downloading updates from the default Microsoft update servers.

On the odd occasion, the reset function has failed us and systems have gone out with the wrong update settings. Here are a few ways to fix this issue.



-Download a copy of the attached file WSUS-UpdateDisable.reg

-Once downloaded, right click the file and click 'Run as Administrator''.

-Accept the prompt and restart your system.


If the first method doesn't work please give us a call or you can try the second Method.



-Click on the Start menu and search for 'Regedit', right click on the icon and click 'Run as Administrator'

-Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate

-Delete all entries inside WindowsUpdate except for the "(default)" value

-Do the same for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate\AU

-Restart the system.

Thomas Teika January 16, 2012 1 Support / Solutions

X79-Extreme9_45o__1_.jpgIf you have just purchased an x79 product, you may have bumped into a few things, unfamiliar BIOS, intermittent post problems and general unhappiness. Like any new platform the X79 is simply uncharted territory as of now but manufactures are constantly working on updates to fix original problems you may have run into, these can include (but aren't limited to) the following:

-Missing RAID BIOS on post
-CMOS failing to recognise RAID array as bootable device.
-Multi graphics configurations with no display out
-PCI and PCI-E devices not detecting

If you're experiencing difficulties be sure to drop by the manufacturers website (of the board you've purchased) and checkout the available BIOS and driver updates in their support section, usually BIOS updates only require a USB flash drive but check their update instructions to make sure the correct method is employed.

Thomas Teika December 16, 2011 Support / Tips & Tricks

blu-ray_logo.jpgYou may or may not remember the days where DVD's could not be played without a paid software, these were times when DVD drives had just come available on PCs and free software had not caught up and it seems that history is repeating itself with the introduction of Blu-ray.

Put it simply, it costs to play Blu-ray, no one has written any reliable open source software nor is there any companies confirmed to have good free options available ( there is DAPlayer available from but we cannot recommend this software just yet, try at your own risk.) You might have purchased or planned to purchase a Blu-ray Disc Drive that comes bundled with software, this software will play your Blu-rays up to a certain amount of time but may require upgrading as new Blu-ray standards come available (which need new software to play). This is much the same as your home theater Blu-ray player which time to time will require updates to play certain titles and unlock new features.

At this stage we have no definite solution for absolute Blu-ray zen, however the following list can help point you in the right direction for 'easier' playback and support:

Cyberlink PowerDVD 11 UltraClick Here

WinDVD Pro 11Click Here

ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre 5Click Here

Be sure to check out the trail software before purchasing, considering the price of the software I would recommend using the trial for as long as you can to make sure you're happy before forking out for your licenced copy. Also, checkout the information for updating or upgrading the software of your choice as there may be costs involved as new versions come available.

We will be sure to keep you all posted once a confirmed reliable freeware comes out.

Thomas Teika July 02, 2011 Support / Tips & Tricks

Vertex3_12.jpgThe new OCZ Vertex 3 SSDs are stunningly fast, however here at Scorptec we have noticed a few issues with deteriorating performance and reliability of the drives, a simple remedy for this is to update your firmware. NOTE: Updating your firmware can cause loss of data on the SSD, backup backup backup!

To do this you will need the following:
-A windows installation on a seperate drive to the SSD you intend to update.
-OCZ Tools - 
-An internet connection

Once you've downloaded OCZ tools set up your SSD as a secondary drive in your system running in "IDE" or "Legacy" mode (consult your motherboard or storage controller manual) and run OCZ Tools as an administrator (Right click and click "Run as administrator") 

OCZ Tools should be able to detect your SSD and offer options to update the drive, once this process is complete you can put your SSD back where it was and get back to experiencing high performance storage!

For more OCZ SSD informations, check out the SSD ABC guide