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Windows 7 install cant find CD/DVD device driver

Scorptec Support
posted this on March 21, 2011 11:43

Problem description:

DVD drive is connected to the secondary SATA controller during install. Windows reports CD/DVD device driver is missing and needs to be located. The issue is Windows 7 DVD has no drivers for the controller the DVD drive is connected to so Windows install cannot proceed without them.


  1. Load the drivers for the controller the DVD is connected to onto a USB key in point the installer to the drivers and proceed as normal.
  2. Change the controller the DVD drive is connected to and/or load drivers for the other controller if the drive is still not detected.


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Alon Hirsch

I had the same problem but when loading the device drivers for the second controller, Windows Installer was still unable to install onto the hard drives as the second SATA controller was now regarded as the primary controller and the system can not boot of the drives connected to the onboard SATA controller.

I'm still not sure how to resolve the issue - I have logged a support request.

April 27, 2011 17:21